Finance Origination:

Let SALO secure finance for you!

You need finance and you need it TODAY! You have been declined and may have a poor credit profile. SA Loan Originators (PTY) Ltd trading as SALO will secure the loan you require.

You may be blacklisted (poor credit profile) and declined previously. You may be recently employed (1 month). You may have recent adverse on your credit profile. You may have judgements and even garnishees.

SALO will originate finance for you without negatively influencing your DELPHI score.

Did you know?:

  1. It is illegal to charge any fee for securing a loan. Yes the Banks and/or Financial entities paying the loan to you may.
  2. No broker or intermediary may charge an upfront fee, fee when you receive the loan or any fee for loan origination.
  3. Conditional selling is also illegal. For example they advertise for loans but now you must take their legal protection plan and they will then look for a loan for free.
  4. There are hundreds of South African websites just taking money from clients and not even looking for loans for their clients.

If you have been scammed and need assistance, feel free to contact

WhatsApp 0722528510